2013 Green Building Megatrend Predictions from a Giant in the Field

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green building megatrends 2013 - green house plansWant to know which giant cogs in the sustainable construction machine are going to continue shifting in 2013? Jerry Yudelson is considered a giant in the green building industry. His company by the same name peered into the future for 2013 to come up with their visions for where the green building industry will go this year. Here’s a brief retelling of some of those trends, but you can find the whole discussion on Sustainable Industries.

  1. Greater interest in net zero green houses and buildings: Zero net energy buildings have grown in popularity of late, and will become more commonplace in the coming year as homeowners and building owners look for ways to set themselves above comparatively less stringent LEED and ENERGY STAR plans.
  2. Coming water crisis will get more attention: As homeowners and designers continue to grow in awareness about the imminent urban water crisis in many North American regions, buildings will move to greater water-conservation measures like better fixtures, rainwater recovery, and smart landscape designs.
  3. Measurement and disclosure will be more important: This will be true in both residential and commercial buildings as current and prospective owners look for tangible ways to compare buildings in terms of energy and water consumption.
  4. Solar energy will continue to grow: Given the interest in net zero buildings and higher performance standards, there will continue to be growth in the use of solar power for electricity production on buildings.
  5. Materials that impact building health will become more hotly contended: Negative attention from consumers and buildings owners who realize the unwelcome impact “Red List” chemicals have on human health and productivity will drive a demand for healthier materials.
  6. Cloud based technology will manage more green structures: Things like lighting, heating, cooling, and other building controls will continue to move to the cloud, especially with the growing popularity of smart meters for buildings large and small.
  7. Green building retrofits will continue to lead the way: Owners, managers, and investors will continue to seek out sustainability in their existing building portfolios, driving an interest in retrofits.
  8. New green construction project growth will rebound: Though there was a drop-off in new green construction between 2010 and 2012, Yudelson is predicting this to reverse in 2013, with LEED project registrations an indication of the coming trend.

What do you think? Are you seeing these trends in your community? Let us know whether you see evidence of these megatrends, too!

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